Lay down in comfort

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep

When it comes to down to sleeping comfortably we’re all different, and when it comes to duvets and pillows, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. We believe that everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. That’s why, within the DanaDream range, you’ll not only find a wide selection of bedding that meets your individual needs, but you’ll also discover that you can have top quality at sensible prices.

Only the best, for a calm and relaxed sleep

With DanaDream we’ve done everything we can to get you to sleep in surroundings that promote your wellbeing and provide perfect comfort.

Aloe vera coverAloe vera cover
Soft on the skinSoft on the skin
Pressure equalisingPressure equalising
Neck & back supportNeck & back support
Memory foamMemory foam
texture of a duvet texture of a duvet

Is your bed your best friend?

Having a pillow that perfectly suits your sleeping position and snuggling under a duvet that keeps your body temperature at a perfect level undoubtedly improves your wellbeing and leaves you feeling relaxed. The comprehensive DanaDream range offers you many options to ensure your sleeping environment is tailored to your needs and exactly what you want. You can choose between a range of heat-classes and from different types of down or fibre that ensure the ideal sleeping temperature in both summer and winter.

We also have pillows at various heights, which allow you to sleep comfortably – whether you prefer to sleep on your back, side or front. Browse our pillow and duvets and choose the filling, size or style to give you the perfect night’s sleep.

Down Products


DanaDream down duvets are made from fluffy down with high insulation properties. For each type of duvet, whether you choose duck down or goose down – DanaDream gives you several heat-classes to choose between. With more or less insulation to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Down pillows are soft with a fluffy natural filling. A pillow that suits your preferred sleeping position helps you relax and enhances your wellbeing. The DanaDream range has pillows of different heights and with different levels of support to provide optimal well-being, depending on whether you mainly sleep on your back, side or front.

Synthetic Products


DanaDream has a range of duvets and pillows made from synthetic fibres. These are super light duvets with a filling of 50% polyester microfibre and 50% 3D fibre. The duvets are treated with SuperDry technology, which transports moisture away from the body for a warm and dry sleeping environment. The Classic Fibre pillow is made from 100% 3D fibres that provide good support and sleeping comfort.

The Ergomagic range contains three variations of pillow ranging from the classic memory foam pillow to the support shaped pillow and the comfort shaped pillow offering the ultimate in support and comfort

The DanaDream range

DanaDream offers a wide range of pillows and duvets in absolutely top quality, which allows you to choose bedding that exactly matches your own needs and preferences. The programme contains duvets and pillows for big and for small, for the warm and for the cold, for summer and winter – and for children and adults.

And, for those of you who need special neck and head support, we recommend that you explore the Ergomagic range of pillows, which contains a new type of product that combines special ergonomic properties with the luxury of fluffy down.


For each type of duvet DanaDream gives you several heat-classes to choose between


The DanaDream programme contains pillows of different heights and in superior qualities

Mattress Toppers

A range of high quality mattress toppers for extra comfort


The Ergomagic line comes in three options including support, comfort and classic

texture of a duvet texture of a duvet

Our accreditations

We are proud to be recognised as an example of Danish quality.

How can we help?

At DanaDream we like to stay in close contact with our working partners, retailers and consumers. You are welcome to contact us any time within our opening hours and we will help you with questions and requests.

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