About Quilts of Denmark

Trustworthy Danish design & production

At Quilts of Denmark, we’ve set out to make a good night’s sleep available to everyone. That’s why we put all our expertise and inventiveness into creating bedding that provides the best conditions for quality sleep – and why we make sure that our products are made widely accessible. A good night’s sleep is a prerequisite for a good day. Unfortunately, a good night’s sleep is not simply a matter of course…

Quilts of Denmark has a vision of being North Europe’s most innovative manufacturer and distributor of bedding, which contributes to better sleep. Through active product leadership and innovative marketing, we have created a platform, from where we can operate in the market for bedding and make a real difference for a good night’s sleep and, as a consequence, a good life.

Environment & Ethics

Environmental friendliness, animal welfare and good ethics are values on which we never compromise. They are the cornerstones of every stage of our production. All our products are based on natural raw materials, such as cotton, down and feather. We couldn’t sleep well at night if we hadn’t ensured proper conditions for the animals, people and nature who directly or indirectly are part of our production processes.

We do not accept cruelty to animals in any form, including plucking down and feathers from live birds. We believe that animal cruelty should be combated at all levels and we spend many resources ensuring the welfare of the birds from whom we source our down and feather. Quilts of Denmark products are certified by DOWNAFRESH/DAUNASAN, which is a guarantee for an audited traceability system of the down filling and your guarantee that it complies with current legislation for animal welfare and ethics.

Recommended by our customers
"This really is something special and one of my favourite duvets of all time. Light and fluffy like a cloud yet still cosy and warm. This duvet feels so luxurious."
Duvet Advisor
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Materials & Certifications

All designs and processes are developed to ensure a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment that will make a real difference for the quality of your night’s sleep. And if you expect a quality product to have a certain lifespan, you will not be disappointed. With proper maintenance, your duvets and pillows from Quilts of Denmark will stay fluffy and luxurious for many years.

For our duvet and pillowcases, we always use 100% clean, Oeko-Tex-labelled cotton in a good, long-fibred quality that makes for a strong, durable and flexible fabric. Our natural filling is washed and heat treated according to the standards in the DOWNAFRESH certification, which means that it is guaranteed free from mites and other allergenic compounds.

Our accreditations

We are proud to be recognised as an example of Danish quality.

What does the label mean?


Oeko-tex standard 100 is an international and voluntary product control. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 goes from product class 1 to 4. These groups have different limit values of the allowed residual chemicals in the finished product. We use class 1, which has the toughest demands, for our duvets and pillows. www.okotex.dk


Quilts of Denmark is a member of the European Down & Feather Association. EDFA is the European organisation that formulates the regulations and standards, which ensure that the product quality promised to customers is maintained. www.edfa.eu


Nomite is a classification from the European Down & Feather Association EDFA. The casing is tested and must comply with PAS 1008 to achieve this label. In addition, the fabric must be so tightly woven that the house dust mite cannot work its way through. The label is a guarantee that the product is suitable for those who are allergic to house dust mites. www.NOMITE.de


Downpass is a quality control, which also documents that down and feather from waterfowl, such as geese and duck, used as filling in clothes, outdoor equipment and bedding, is responsibly sourced. So far, Quilts of Denmark is the first and only in Denmark to have achieved this certification.


Downafresh guarantees that the natural filling complies with the cleanliness and hygiene standards of DIN EN12935. The natural filling has been washed and heat-treated to eliminate mites and other allergenic compounds. By means of a documented traceability system, Downafresh establishes that filling material is gathered in conformity with current animal welfare legislation.


As from 2012, new and even stricter criteria have been implemented for earning a Blue Circle on your products. These criteria are especially about cleanliness. All materials and manufacturing processes are carefully evaluated by a toxicologist to ensure minimal risk of allergy and irritation of the air passage. www.astma-allergi.dk

Does NOT contain optical brightener
Does NOT contain formaldehyde
Does NOT contain perfume
Does NOT contain any other unnecessary compounds or treatments that can irritate the air passage or allergy


The use of space technology in Temprakon® is so revolutionary that the products received the prestigious ”Certified Space Technology” award in 2003. Temprakon® was acknowledged by NASA for having applied their unique science to improve the quality of life for consumers.