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A good life begins with a good night’s sleep – and that’s exactly what we at Quilts of Denmark would like to give you. We all sleep differently and what it takes for each of us to sleep comfortably at night varies from person to person. That’s why a duvet is not just a duvet and a pillow is not just a pillow.

Quilts of Denmark has developed the world’s most comprehensive programme of quality bedding to provide you with the ultimate and most exquisite night’s sleep.

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“This really is something special and one of my favourite duvets of all time. Light and fluffy like a cloud yet still cosy and warm. This duvet feels so luxurious.”
Duvet Advisor

Ethics, morality & the environment

Environmental friendliness, animal welfare and good ethics are values on which we never compromise. They are the cornerstones of every stage of our production. All our products are based on natural raw materials, such as cotton, down and feather. We couldn’t sleep well at night, if we hadn’t ensured proper conditions for the animals, people and nature who directly or indirectly are part of our production processes.

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DanaDream offers a wide range of top quality pillows and duvets so you can choose the right bedding for you and your family. The range includes duvets, pillows and mattress toppers for the warm and for the cold, for summer and winter and for children and adults. And, for those of you who need special neck, head and back support, explore the memory foam range of pillows and toppers.

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We are proud to be recognised as an example of Danish quality.

How can we help?

At Quilts of Denmark, we like to stay in close contact with our working partners, retailers and consumers. You are welcome to contact us any time within our opening hours and we will help you with questions and requests.

Contact customer services at contact@qod.dk

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